Weight Loss

Weight Loss

“I lost 8 stone in 12 months and kept it off thanks to the trainers at Xcel Personal Training.” Mark R, Saltaire

We have had outstanding success with weight loss. We don’t want you just to lose weight, our goal is for you to lose your weight and then keep it off. Our biggest loser so far is 8 stone in 12 months. Not only did this young man lose the weight. After 2 years his weight has not returned and his quality of life has changed dramatically.

Your weight loss journey is important to us and we want to be there with you on this journey. If you have any frustrations or anxieties associated to losing weight then we are her to rectify that and put your mind at ease as you really can lose your weight. This is a journey that we are very familiar with and are here to help you with.

There are many avenues offering fast weight loss products and solutions that usually end up discouraging people from future attempts to lose weight as most of them do not work leaving you deflated. Unfortunately the weight loss industry falls prey to fraudsters that sell false hopes and promises to people that are desperate, with offers that sound too good to be true.

People are always looking for a quick fix when it comes to weight loss. Magazines continue to promote fast weight loss by promoting quick weight loss gimmicks and fad diets that help sell the magazines. People search for diet pills online that can have negative long term consequences which certainly do not support long term weight loss and then there is weight loss surgery which should be avoided at all costs. Such extreme measures can lead you down a dark slippery slope which you really do want to avoid.

Succeeding at weight loss really is not that difficult once you know the fundamentals that really work - which are here for you. You can look good in and out of your clothes. We only use proven scientific methods that will improve your health, increase your metabolism, and shed the pounds and keep them off.

If you are ready to start losing that unwanted body fat and want to keep it off please come and see us for a free consultation to find out exactly how we can help you. Simply call 01274 565467 or use our contact form to get in touch.