Tone Up

Tone Up

Do you want to tone up? Are you not getting the results you wanted from your workouts? Have you worked out for weeks or even months hoping to tone up and become more defined but it didn’t happen?

I have trained in gyms for over 20 years and seen people train week in week out for years and their body never look any different. When I watch these people exercise I can see exactly why they never get anywhere.

Most people go to the gym without having prepared a structure to their workout. Gyms can be busy places and people simply jump on one piece of equipment, purely because it is available, followed by the next available piece of equipment and so forth, with no end result in mind.

To tone your body your workouts must be designed with an end goal in mind. The workout has to be structured towards your goals and delivered with good form and correct intensity. Simply walking into a gym and jumping on machines will never do it for you. We often get clients come to us wanting toned legs and bums, therefore we have to structure the workouts towards those goals.

Just because someone goes to a gym it doesn’t mean that they will get into shape. The majority of people that go to gyms really have no idea how to structure a workout that correctly delivers results as they are never shown correctly. Xcel Personal Training work with you in our private studio in Bingley, therefore you never have to queue for equipment plus you have an experienced trainer coaching you for the duration of your workout.

Workout structure, training form, training intensity, and diet must all be considered if you want your body to become toned. Once we have identified your goals we will then structure the perfect workouts for you and coach you with correct training form and intensity so that you start seeing results within weeks.

If training is new to you or you feel that you are not benefiting from your current workouts then please call us on 01274 565467 for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you start seeing the results you want.