Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain could be the most painful condition that you ever experience. If you suffer from chronic back pain, Xcel Personal Training in Bingley can help.

Each year one in three of us will get chronic back pain which can last for weeks only to return a few months later. In many cases people end up taking strong prescription anti-inflammatory tablets and very powerful painkillers to manage the pain. People even resort to antidepressants or opt for surgery as the pain is so unbearable.

If you are experiencing back trouble for the first time or if it keeps recurring, we can help you. The majority of people that suffer with back pain do so because the muscles that support their spinal column are not strong enough to continuously hold each of the strong bulky vertebrae in correct alignment. The vertebrae need a strong scaffolding to achieve this which is the responsibility of your core muscles. Running down your spinal column and through the vertebrae are several large nerves that are highly sensitive.

Many of us hardly ever use those muscles because of our sedentary lifestyles that cause the muscles to become weak. This leaves us vulnerable to back trouble as the muscles are not strong enough to support your spinal column.

To avoid back trouble long term you must strengthen your scaffolding. You may also need to lose some weight around your stomach which we can help also you with if it affects your posture causing your discs to bulge. When this happens the inflamed area swells and touches the nerve which causes excruciating pain.

Core stability exercise is the most effective long term back pain treatment. It is the only treatment that will strengthen your scaffolding so that your back pain does not keep recurring. Technique is crucial for the exercises to be effective. It is very easy to do core stability exercises wrong which can escalate your pack problem.

If you suffer with chronic back pain and would like to cure it once and for all. Please give us a call on 01274 565467 or use our contact form and we can arrange for a free a consultation for you. Core stability really does work as the evidence is overwhelming plus we have had 100% success with it.