Personal Training for Middle Aged Business Professionals

13 July 2019

As a middle aged business professional you stand to gain the most benefits from regular exercise and eating a well balanced diet along with older adults. Yet we see gyms which are full of the younger generation trying to get in shape to "fit in" the world that society presents to them.

Being a Middle aged business professional brings all kinds of stresses and demands your way. Often the last thing you want to think about is going for a workout or preparing food after a long stressful day. Ironically you would like to be in great shape and have a sharp mind to deal effectively with those demands and stress.

As you age your metabolism and hormone production slows down. Your lean muscle tissue and bone density will reduce. Your  fitness depreciates about 5% every year and your mind will no longer respond the way it did.  At work, even with all your working years of experience, knowledge, and expertise it doesn’t balance the unjust effects of ageing as things start to diminish.
But..... if you keep your body and mind in great shape like a well oiled instrument it will keep performing beyond expectation and won't let you down. You can achieve this by following good sound workouts that have been designed and structured personally to you based upon your goals. Done correctly you can slow down the ageing process and even reverse your metabolic age which means your body will become younger.

Yet most people who have a busy work life fail to prioritise working out and prepping healthy meals. They say they don’t have time, too tired, no motivation, no energy, don’t like gyms, lost their confidence, or they don’t know where to start.

A good personal trainer will be aware of all those barriers and have the tools to deal with them effectively so that your workouts are both efficient and effective. Your workouts should be up tempo  and performed at the right intensity. If the intensity is too high you will burn out too quickly and probably hate exercise for the rest of your life unless you’re a masochist. However, your heart rate needs to be high enough to experience a “training effect” so that you make progress and get results.

Our sessions last one hour which are pre-planned and structured to your needs, goals, and ability. They are planned and delivered here in our private studio in Bingley. You will learn how to train properly with good training technique and correct workout structure. Your time is precious and should not be wasted in the gym with no direction or specific goals to work towards.

As a middle aged business professional the benefits of diet and exercise are endless. They will keep you in tip top condition and on top of your game. We love working with you as we get a lot of satisfaction watching you progress, seeing you achieve your goals and the happiness and satisfaction which this brings. If you want to transform yourself but don’t know where to start or time is a limiting factor for you, call us to come and have a free evaluation/consultation with us. We can show you the potential that you have awaiting to be unleashed.

Paul Sebo M.Sc


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