4 disciplines that will get you in shape!

12 July 2018

Those people that always seem to be in great shape may not all follow the same diet or exercise program to get there but they will follow 4 daily disciplines. They may not even be aware of it as those disciplines are so deeply engrained in some people that they are simply on auto pilot.  We would like to share the disciplines with you so that you too can start to introduce them into your own life so that you gain some long term results.

Introduce these disciplines slowly, then start to gain momentum over the days and weeks. The results you experience will encourage you to pick up that momentum and strive for more. Keep on top of them every day until they becomes habitual. Eventually after about 66 days you won’t even have to think about implementing them as it will now be part of you. So what are the 4 disciplines? 


The first is CONSISTENCY. Whatever pattern of behaviours you choose to get you in shape, you must be consistent over time. You can’t do one training session or eat healthy for a week and think you’re going to be fit for life – SORRY! Nor can you keep stopping and starting.

The second law is ENJOYMENT. You have to enjoy what you do. If you choose to go running, eat lettuce and tuna yet you hate running, eating lettuce and tuna then guess what? It won’t last. People may often choose to follow something that they don’t really like but know it is very effective and good for them. The key here is to focus on the results and the reasons why you do it, then over time it will too become habitual and those negative feelings will go.

The third law is NUTRITION. The old saying “you are what you eat” really is true. If you give your body lots of fats, sugars, alcohol, and processed foods you will look and feel terrible. But if you choose to eat foods that are low in calories but dense in nutrients your body will perform optimally and flourish whilst maintaining a low body fat.

Your nutrition really is vital not only for getting you in shape but also for your long term health. You have to consider both calories and the nutrients within those calories when planning your meals. Make sure your not eating more calories than what you are burning or you will put on weight. Make sure you get your recommended daily requirements of essential nutrients otherwise you will not perform optimally and may become deficient. At Xcel we follow the eatwell system of eating when creating meal plans as they are nutritionally balanced so that you get all your essential nutrients without the excess calories.

The fourth law is LIFESTYLE which we define as the hours of the day left over after meal times and exercise. This is the majority of your time which equates to around 150 hours per week. People generally use this time sitting in front of a computer, TV, or wasting time on social media sites. There are many opportunities available to you within those hours that can have a profound impact on your health and fitness. Just get up and move! Try and make your lifestyle more active and less sedentary. Start counting your steps and increasing your heart rate but don’t sit still for hours on end.

Start TODAY to implement these 4 disciplines into your life and we can guarantee results like you never thought possible. If your waiting for the latest FAD or GIMMICK to give you a quick fix or that magic pill to come along then you will waiting a very long time as they simply don’t exist. This is the way for you to succeed and you can start with a few small changes today. Then build some  momentum so that you start forming new healthier habits. We wish you look and would love to hear your story.

Paul Sebo M.Sc


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