The Studio

The Studio

Our business is getting you into shape. Your results are very important to us. We take an holistic approach to working with you as we feel that training with you one-on-one at the Xcel Personal Training Studio in Bingley is not enough.

We look at everything from exercise, lifestyle, nutrition, motivation, and time so that you get the most effective service that personal training has to offer. We like to believe that we are the market leaders in Personal Training. Our personal trainers are highly qualified, experienced, and passionate about you and your results.

We work within our private studio so that you are not in the middle of a public gym waiting for equipment, shouting over people, and being watched by others. Just you and your trainer working towards your goals. Additionally you will receive lots of valuable information that is effective towards your results which you can take home with you and use each day.

As well as being coached by highly experienced and knowledgeable trainers our studio is equipped with a full range of high quality commercial equipment as so that you get the best service possible. Other like minded people similar to yourself will be working alongside you with their trainer which promotes social interaction and motivation. There are never more than 4 clients being trained in the studio at one time as we want your time to be personal, efficient, and effective.

Why choose us:

  • Over 20 years of Personal Training experience
  • Degree and Master’s Degrees in Sport and Exercise Science
  • Fully equipped private studio
  • Lifestyle and nutritional support
  • Devoted to delivering results to you
  • All ages and abilities
  • In 2015 Xcel Personal Training celebrated its 10th year.