Claire Ramsey

Claire Ramsey

Many people find it difficult to find the motivation to change. Don’t worry, motivating you towards your goals comes natural to me as my personality is energetic, bubbly, and upbeat.

Before I became a Personal Trainer I lost over 3.5 stone going from size 14 to size 8. Relating to other people on a similar journey feels very natural to me as I am able to share my own experience with you.

I have qualifications in both Personal Training and Nutrition along with lots of practical experience which puts me in a great position to help you achieve your own goals.

I enjoy working with all ages and abilities – so don’t worry where you are right now. Nothing excites me more that seeing you progress each week and for me to be part of your journey - as you see and feel yourself change.

My aim is to deliver the right workout tailored to your needs, which will challenge you but at the same time be fun and inspiring. If you feel that it’s time to give your body an upgrade and you want to start feeling better about yourself that please get in touch as I would love to help you transform yourself.